Working With Us

If you thought that the world of technology was limited to dull and dreary programming, then think again. At the Celstream Group, it is an entirely different ballgame for our software and hardware engineering pros.

We are at the cutting edge

Celestians work with exciting technologies in engineering world-class products for industry leaders. Whether it is facilitating Network Management, Web-based Device Management, developing advanced Embedded Systems based devices and products, enabling the creation and management of high quality video content, driving video over the Internet or accelerating convergence, we ensure that you have a challenging work content that enables you to advance your career.

We offer immense growth opportunities

Because we work with a diverse client base across Communications, Computers, Consumer, Print & Publishing, Media & Entertainment and other industries, Celestians have the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies. We offer job rotations and flexible career progression tracks - technical as well as managerial - so that you can chart your own course.

We promote continuous learning

Learning is all-important at Celstream and all Celestians undergo ongoing training. Whether it is refreshing and updating your existing skills or advancing your expertise in new and emerging technologies or acquiring soft skills, you will never stop learning at Celstream. Our training programs conducted by in-house experts as well as external specialists will help mould you into a thorough professional.

We take care of our people

Celestians enjoy a competitive compensation and benefit package. We offer flexible work schedules and leave programs, and much more - so that your needs are taken care of. We believe in trust and performance, through self-management and focus on results. Our time-tested performance management system ensures that good performance is tracked, nurtured and rewarded.

We love our work

Life at Celstream will never be dull. You will enjoy a professional, yet informal work environment where we embrace excellence. One in which you will find team spirit and the freedom to innovate and take initiative. At Celstream, we are focused on attracting and retaining outstanding individuals who consistently do what it takes, and more, to ensure customer success. We want people who share our values, thrive in a team environment and recognize the importance of accountability. If you believe that you can make a difference, then join us and become a Celestian. We will provide you with the tools and opportunities to expand your horizons.